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Video content is the number one way to communicate with your audience. Establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Raise your perceived value and dominate your market.

With quality video content you can build brand, gain trust and ultimately generate sales. You get to decide how clients or potential new clients view your business or organization. Tried and true, time after time; video gets results. Video content can solve so many problems that many small businesses face today.

Scroll down to see a list and description of 'some' of the videos we can create and scroll to the very bottom to see our process.

- Generate Sales
- Build Brand
- Gain Trust

- Influence Buying Decisions
- Produce Training Aids
- Provide Customer Testimony

- Optimize SEO on Google
- Create Explainer Videos
- Develop Your Workforce

- Demonstrate Products
- Show Company Culture
- Establish you
rself as an Expert
- Boost Email Open Rates
- Increase Market Share
- Expand your Digital Footprint
- Recap Events
- And more...


There is no one way to skin a cat (sorry kitties) and there is no one size fits all video for all of your communication needs. Here is a list of several types of video content that we can produce for you..!!

To see a variety of production examples click HERE & to see our package rates, click HERE.

BRANDING FILMS - Serve as a beacon of branding and tells who you are what you do and more importantly your WHY. It tells your story and shows company culture and explains the history of your organization. It also speaks to each service or product that you offer and briefly explains them and highlights the value they bring to the community. It is a cornerstone of your Marketing material. A solid branding film can be used for several years until there is a major pivot in your company. They can be funny or dramatic or even documentary style that provides information about your organization. It answers: What do you do, who are you and why you stand out, and what makes your company, service or product unique. 

TARGETED MARKETING FILMS - Explains in depth, each service you offer and shares how it adds value and has impact on your customers. These can be used as general promotional material or speak directly to the consumer explaining your offerings in greater detail. If someone is going to spend a lot of money with you, oftentimes they will want to know where that money is going. A short promotional video can get their attention, but then before they 'pull the trigger' and decide to shop with you, they may want to see and hear more about the product or service you offer. Targeted Marketing Films give you the opportunity to manage a customer's expectations and highlight the impact you can have on their lives and the value you bring with each service or offering.

TESTIMONIAL FILMS - Having a person on video speaking on behalf of your company, testifying about the positive impact your business has had on their lives will add an extra layer of trust and credibility to your organization. Yelp and Facebook reviews are solid ways to gain trust and express your dependability, but customer video testimonials provide a face to the statement and give the sentiment that much more authenticity and psychological impact. Using the customer testimonials and putting them in the branding film along with your own staff speaking to the benefits of your product or service reinforces and solidifies the overall benefit of your company.

GENERAL PROMOS/COMMERCIAL - This is more of a traditional TV commercial, a 15-30 second video to get your audience's attention. Oftentimes larger companies do not even promote their product or have a call to action, they sell emotion. They create a quick ad that uses humor or sex appeal, or they tap into raw emotions to get the customer or potential new customers attention and then they flash their product or logo at the end just for brand recognition. That is not to say you can not showcase your product or service or that you can not have a call to action. Both efforts work in different ways.

SINGLE PROMOTION ADS/ACT NOW - Similar to a commercial, these are more focused on limited time offers and have a call to action at the end. General promotional content can be used and repurposed for an extended period of time, whereas a single promo with an act now is more suited for a limited time offer or a holiday promotion or something with a deadline attached to it. Often times in marketing, having a deadline or attaching a sense of scarcity can encourage the consumer to make a purchase. FOMO (the fear of missing out) is a real thing.

RECRUITMENT FILMS - These videos are used for workforce development. They can be used to showcase what it's like to work for your organization. These videos are meant to entice new talent to come work for you or serve as a recruitment tool. This can also be used as an on boarding video to inform new hires about your workplace culture and job responsibilities. The recruitment video can be a strong tool for employers looking to educate or increase the capacity of their staff.

PRESENTATION/EXPLAINER VIDEOS - You should know more about your industry than the average consumer. You can create video content of you giving a presentation (to a group of people or alone in your garage, on location at your office or in a studio environment) anywhere that you can stand in front of a camera or a phone and tell consumers about the space you occupy. Inform them about your industry and provide value while asking for nothing in return. This establishes you as a leader in your field, this will give you a sense of authority and validate you as an expert in your industry, gaining trust and credibility.

TUTORIAL/PRODUCT DEMO - Similar to a presentation or explainer but you show what you know instead of just explaining your position or giving knowledge to your clients or potential new clients; you can demonstrate something you do or show how to create something in your field. This will vary greatly from industry to industry, but many products and services can be accompanied by a step by step demonstration of how the product is used or the steps that are taken to get the desired end result.

INTERVIEWS/PODCAST - Go out and tell someone what you do and how you do it. Podcasts are a great way to reach new audiences and introduce yourself and your product or service to new clients or potential new clients. Take it a step further and film the interview and then you can post it in its entirety and/or go through and pick out the best parts and create several small video clips from the experience to have even more content to share. You may also take those same highlights and create memes or infographics to get the maximum amount of content and exposure out of the experience.

TRAINING VIDEOS - These serve as training aids for new hires or as training material to keep current employees up to date with your standard operating procedures. These can be a part of your new hire onboarding. This allows you to save man hours by providing training materials to staff or new team members. Training videos are a fantastic way to build infrastructure and develop a solid foundation of support material for your growing business.

JOB DESCRIPTION FILMS - Inform new hires or potential new hires about the demands of different positions within your organization. Set your new employees up for success with video content that explains the workflow and requirements of various positions within your organization. Manage expectations with video content that informs new team members about the jobs you are hiring them for.

LIVE EVENTS - From concerts to fundraisers to conferences and more; people do cool stuff and the folks who can’t make it want to see what it was all about. Whether the hottest band is coming to town or your organization is doing its annual fundraiser, we’ve got you covered. Live event recaps are the best way to inform your audience about how amazing you are and to let them see all the fun they missed out on. Or you can create an event recap to promote future gigs or events.


PREPRODUCTION - Preproduction starts with a conversation about your needs. What are you hoping to accomplish with the power of video content? What obstacles do you face with your company that you want to overcome? What are your goals? This will help us determine what kind of video content will serve you best.

Once we know what kind of content you need to meet your goals, we will discuss how you want your video to look, sound and ultimately feel. Do you want your business depicted as an upbeat, jazzy new start up, or are you a conservative, classic organization with strong core values? (Not to say the new start up doesn’t have strong values) We just want to know what the character of your company is and how do you want to be perceived.

PRODUCTION - After we determine the general direction and overall message behind your video, we will make a production plan that will include: timeline, locations, and talent. It is helpful to plan in detail the who’s, the what’s, the when’s and the where’s, before we come out with cameras and lights a blazin’. Most productions are shot over the course of 1-3 business days. We allow for an extra (swing) day for productions that require multiple people and locations. We understand that scheduling conflicts may occur and sometimes it is not easy to find willing participants to be on camera. (Most notably for customer testimonials)

Some productions (usually commercial video productions) may require storyboarding and scripting. This will all be covered in the pre-production effort and typically depends on the demand of the video or specific needs of the client.

POST PRODUCTION - At this point, it's up to our team to put it all together in post. Post production can be more time consuming than production. Typically there is 3-5 days of post, for every (1) day of production. This is a loose estimate, because no one video requires the same demand as the next. But this is a pretty good loose estimate. Production days are easier to schedule and estimate; post production days may vary depending on the demands of the video and depending on how busy we are with other projects. During the preproduction stages while we are planning your production we will estimate projected timelines that are determined by our current work load.

Once you receive your shiny new video content, we offer up to 2 sets of revisions. If there is something you do not like about your video, or if you see a mistake somewhere along the way; we are happy to make the corrections for you. We do make a point to discuss things in detail prior to the shoot day, in hopes of reducing the chance of mistakes or the need for revisions, but at the end of the day; it is your video that represents your business or brand and we want you to be happy with the finished product.

To schedule your FREE discovery call, or if you have any questions please CONTACT us today...!! We look forward to hearing from you..!! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration...!!!












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