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Nord Custom Container Collaboration

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Check out this little promo video for the fellas over at Nord Custom Containers. They are your storage solution experts and they know their way around container modification and customization...!!! Check em out over at

Growing up, I had often times saw minimalist modular homes, or container homes, but I had never been up close to the action. Back in July, I was at a 4th of July party, and it turned out to be a networking opportunity, that I hadn't exactly expected; before the night was over, I had 3 solid leads from people who said they wanted work from me.

Fly Square at the party for the win... I just came out to celebrate our nations independence.. (or cleverly disguised lack there of... but I digress... ;)) One of the leads came from my buddy Jeff's brother Austin. Austin had just acquired container shipping company and they wanted to really shift their focus on the modification and fabrication of container units. Hearing about container modification first hand from a long time aquaintance was exciting to say the least. That conversation lead to a branding make over compliments of @FlySquareMedia. We hooked eem' up with a fresh now logo, a website, and now this shiny new promo video. I think its safe to say the folks over at Nord Custom Containers are up and running and they never looked so good. Thanks again for the opportunity fellas. I can't wait to see you continue to grow and dominate the storage and custom mods game from right here in Bloomington Illinois. Cheers...!! Fly Square Media, Fly Square Wedding Films, Wedding Videography Bloomington Illinois, Wedding Videography, wedding video, wedding film, wedding vendor, central Illinois wedding, Wedding Films, Wedding Photo, Photography, Wedding Venues, Wedding Vendors, @FlySquareMedia,, Thank you for your support.

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